Louis Sherry

Louis Sherry Chocolates

Louis Sherry founded the company in 1881 in New York, selling his memorable chocolate ganache-filled truffles in exquisite tins that are still sought after by collectors 138 years later.

It’s no surprise; these chocolates are amazing – so rich and flavourful they can’t but help make your belly happy! They’re the perfect treat for any foodie and design aficionado, and they make a great hostess or Mother’s Day gift, a party favour for weddings, showers or birthday bashes, or a pick-me-up on a grey, gloomy day. 

Louis Sherry Keep Sake Tin - Orchard

Yes, the Louis Sherry tins are quite special and are cast from the originals moulds. Even with modern manufacturing, they are quite difficult to make and must be assembled by hand. They have raised the bar for the entire confections industry and customers’ expectations as a whole. That is sort of what Louis Sherry has always been about. When someone receives a box of our chocolate as a gift, I hope that they feel special and that the person who gave it to them and the people that crafted it put a lot of thought into it.

In the film “Rosemary’s Baby,” you see Mia Farrow place the necklace the crazy neighbour gave her in a Louis Sherry box in a drawer. A Louis Sherry tin has been spotted on Bette Davis’ coffee table in FX’s series “Feud.” F. Scott Fitzgerald kept pencils in one of our boxes on his desk while writing “The Great Gatsby.” It is really a wonderful feeling for Jordan Baker to be part of a company that has been quietly in the backdrop for the last century.